Our unique programS are carefully planned to ensure each resident has an opportunity to participate in a variety of meaningful activities that enrich the mind, body and spirit.

Ottawa Assisted Living Retirement Home Activities Ottawa Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

Lifestyle Programs for all levels

Our latest program that has been implemented is our Lifestyle Program. It has been curated to provide weekly activities for individuals of all abilities in an uplifting group environment. It has been designed to meet all interest and skill levels.  Some of these programs include cooking and baking classes, gardening, sewing, quilting, knitting, book club, technology lessons, workshops, and DIY projects.

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Montessori Programs for Individualized Needs

Montessori is a person centered approach based on the strengths and interests of each individual.  Every Montessori activity has been selected specifically for each individual based on their background, skills, and current needs.  It provides a space for individuals to practice certain skills, improve cognitive ability and provides a sense of accomplishment at the end of each session.

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sensory stimulation programs for Dementia Care

Our Sensory Stimulation Programs are implemented daily to combat any overwhelming environments, feelings of isolation, confusion or sense of fear that an individual may experience when living with dementia. Our program is designed to help individuals activate one or more senses (smell, taste, vision, touch and hear) to enable them to engage in an environment without necessarily communicating verbally.

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Fit Minds Program for memory improvement

Fit Minds is designed to provide cognitively stimulating sessions for each individual to enhance their daily functions and improve memory. Each session may contain exercises in five key areas of cognition: language and music, visual/spatial orientation, memory, critical thinking and computation. Fit Minds also allows meaningful relationships to form and creates a healthy brain fitness routine.